How To Keep Your German Shepherd Calm During Car Rides

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As a German Shepherd owner, you may be familiar with the challenges of traveling with your furry friend. They are known for their high energy levels and can get anxious or restless during long car rides. However, with the right approach and some training, you can keep your German Shepherd calm and comfortable during car rides.


Why is my German Shepherd anxious during car rides?

German Shepherds are known for their energetic and active personalities. However, when it comes to car rides, some of them may become anxious or restless. There can be several reasons why your German Shepherd may not enjoy car rides, such as:

1. Motion sickness: Some German Shepherds can experience motion sickness while traveling in a car, mainly due to the movement of the vehicle. Motion sickness can cause vomiting, nausea, and discomfort, making the ride a difficult experience for your furry friend.

2. Fear: German Shepherds can feel scared or anxious in new environments or situations. If your dog hasn’t been exposed to car rides or has had poor experiences in the past, they may feel uneasy or fearful of car rides.

3. Lack of comfort: Car rides can be uncomfortable for dogs as they may have to sit in one place for an extended period, which can cause fatigue or soreness.

4. Environmental factors: External stimuli such as loud noises, bright lights, or unfamiliar smells can add to your dog’s anxiety and discomfort during car rides.


What steps can I take to prepare my German Shepherd for car rides?

Preparing your German Shepherd for car rides can be a gradual process, especially if they have never been in a car before. Consider following these steps to acclimate your furry friend to car rides:

1. Start with short car rides: Begin with short car rides, such as around the block or to the local park, to help your German Shepherd get used to being in a vehicle.

2. Gradually increase ride durations: Once your dog is comfortable with short rides, increase the duration of the trips gradually. Gradual exposure will help your furry friend associate car rides with positive experiences.

3. Make it enjoyable: Try to make car rides enjoyable for your German Shepherd by having treats, toys, or speaking in a happy and reassuring tone of voice.

4. Create a positive association with the car: You can create a positive association with the car by feeding your dog their meals inside the vehicle or providing their favorite toys in the car.

5. Familiarize your German Shepherd with car accessories: Before hitting the road, familiarize your furry friend with essential car accessories such as seat belts, dog harnesses, and car crates.


How can I make my German Shepherd feel more comfortable during car rides?

Making your German Shepherd feel comfortable during car rides is crucial to reducing their anxiety and preventing motion sickness. Here are some tips that may help:

1. Pick a comfortable spot: Choose a comfortable spot for your German Shepherd to sit in the car. A well-padded dog bed or seat cover can improve your dog’s comfort level during car rides.

2. Keep the temperature cool: German Shepherds have a thick fur coat, making them prone to overheating. Keep the temperature in the car cool by using air conditioning or opening a window.

3. Provide fresh water: Offer fresh water to your furry friend before and during car rides to prevent dehydration.

4. Take breaks: Take regular breaks during long car rides for your furry friend to stretch their legs, go potty, and get some fresh air.

5. Play calming music: Playing soothing music can help your German Shepherd relax during car rides.


What are some best practices for traveling with my German Shepherd?

Traveling with your German Shepherd can be a fun and exciting experience when done right. Here are some best practices to keep in mind when traveling with your furry friend:

1. Ensure your dog is safe: Invest in a good-quality harness and seat belt or car crate to ensure your furry friend is safe during the car ride.

2. Bring food and water: Bring adequate food and water for your German Shepherd, especially during long car rides.

3. Carry your dog’s favorite toys: Having familiar toys can help your furry friend feel more relaxed in unfamiliar environments.

4. Plan your route: Research rest stops and pet-friendly accommodations before setting out on your trip.

5. Bring a first-aid kit: Always keep a first-aid kit in your car to handle unexpected injuries or illnesses.


What tools and accessories can I use to help my German Shepherd stay calm and relaxed during car rides?

Several tools and accessories can help your German Shepherd stay calm and relaxed during car rides. Here are some of them:

1. Calming sprays: Calming sprays such as lavender or chamomile can have a relaxing effect on your furry friend and help reduce anxiety during car rides.

2. Travel-sized food and water bowls: Portable food and water bowls can make it easy for you to give your dog food and water during car rides.

3. Anti-nausea medication: Speak to your veterinarian about anti-nausea medications that can help prevent motion sickness and keep your German Shepherd calm during car rides.

4. Car safety devices: Car safety devices such as seat belts, harnesses, or car crates can provide your dog with a sense of security during car rides.

5. Comfortable travel bed: A comfortable travel bed or a seat cover can improve your German Shepherd’s comfort level during car rides.


When should I seek the help of a professional trainer or veterinarian?

If your German Shepherd’s anxiety or restlessness during car rides persists, you may want to seek the help of a professional trainer or veterinarian. A professional can help identify the underlying cause of your dog’s anxiety and provide training or medication that can help them stay calm during car rides.



In conclusion, keeping your German Shepherd calm during car rides is possible with the right approach and some training. Gradual exposure, positive reinforcement, and providing essential tools and accessories can help improve your furry friend’s comfort level and reduce their anxiety during car rides. Remember to prioritize your German Shepherd’s safety and well-being during car rides, and seek professional help if needed.

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