Why Does My German Shepherd Circle Me?

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This article will explain why your German Shepherd keeps following you around and what you can do to stop it.

Why does my German Shepherd keep coming around me, then? Possible explanations include excitement, attention seeking, a herding instinct, or dominance.

Depending on how it accomplishes it, some reasons will be more likely than others. Knowing the root of the problem will make it simpler for you to end it.


What Does It Mean If Your German Shepherd Circles You?

Your German Shepherd could be circling you for a number of various reasons. German Shepherds are herding dogs, and circling is a typical herding habit. This is the most straightforward explanation.

However, a number of other elements may potentially be affecting circling behavior.


  • He’s excited

Your GSD may be circling you because it is agitated. This is more likely if it does it when it might get enthusiastic, such as when you’re ready to take it for a walk or when you get home, and if it exhibits symptoms of eagerness like wagging its tail or attempting to kiss you.


  • He is being dominating

It’s possible that it acts in this way because it feels oppressed. This is more likely if it does so in a way that makes it impossible for you to leave the room or go somewhere.

In this situation, it would be crucial to provide your GSD with plenty of training so that it recognizes you as the pack leader, can identify when it may be able to become domineering, and can learn how to control its behavior.


  • He wants attention

It can be acting in this manner because it has noticed that it attracts your attention. This would be more likely if you have a tendency to pay more attention to it when it acts this way, and it acts this way more often when you haven’t been paying much attention to it.

It would be beneficial in this situation to give it care throughout the day rather than rewarding it with attention.


  • It’s a herding instinct

It may act in this way because of a herding instinct. If it does it a lot more often when you are walking it, this is more likely to happen. Try moving in the opposite direction from where it circles you to avoid this kind of circling, especially if it tries to move you.


What Can I Do About My German Shepherd Circling Me?

You can use a number of actions to stop your German Shepherd from circling you. The best choice will depend on what caused the problem. Some of your alternatives are listed below.


1. Avoid encouraging it

It’s possible that you’ve been rewarding the behavior by giving it what it wants when it behaves in that way.

When it surrounds you, try to avoid rewarding it and divert its attention when you see that it is going to start doing it rather than providing it with things like toys, rewards, or attention.


2. Walk in the opposite direction

If it does it while you’re walking, try to move in the opposite direction so that it stops and acknowledges you as the leader.


3. Give him lots of training

Your GSD needs a lot of training to stay well-behaved and simpler to govern while preventing the onset of dominance. It might be beneficial to start with the fundamentals if you have not given it any instruction. I’ve written about how you can teach your GSD to remain in this area and how to arrive here when called.

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Should You Worry About Your German Shepherd Circling You?

German Shepherds who are let to repeatedly circle their owners may begin to do the same with other individuals, even complete strangers!

Although it may be difficult to imagine, as it is for so many dog enthusiasts, not everyone likes to be surrounded by a gregarious and enthusiastic German Shepherd.

This experience may even frighten some people. You never want your dog to engage in an undesired or undesirable interaction with another person or animal.

This is one of many reasons to think about teaching your German shepherd to meet people less intimately.



What makes my dog circle me, then? Possible explanations for your dog’s loops around you include excitement, dominance, attention seeking, or a herding drive.

When attempting to determine the precise cause of what it accomplishes, there are a few things to take into account. It should be simpler for you to stop it if you know what is causing it.

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