When Do German Shepherds Stop Teething?

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How many teeth do German Shepherds have, first? German shepherd pups start out with 28 baby teeth, but by the time they are done teething, they have 42 adult teeth.

Before they begin teething, German Shepherds normally have their baby teeth for 6 to 8 weeks.

Their canine teeth and incisors will erupt before they are 3 months old, and the teething phase typically lasts 4 to 5 months. Before they turn six months old, the carnassial tooth, premolars, and molars will all erupt.


What Are The Teething Stages German Shepherd Puppies Go Through?

Your German Shepherd puppy’s teething stage may appear to endure eternity. The good news is that this stage only lasts for a few time. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying life with your dog without the worst chewing.

The first infant teeth will appear within the first month, at which point the teething process will begin.

Although pups are born without teeth, they begin to erupt between two and four weeks after birth. Your puppy will have 28 teeth instead of the 42 that it will have as an adult by the time it is six or seven weeks old.

Between six and eight weeks, as the puppies start to shed their baby teeth, they will start to show adult teeth. Puppy teething during this time is uncomfortable, and chewing is the main method of obtaining relief.

There is no need to fear because the baby teeth won’t hurt your puppy even if it does swallow them on rare occasions.


When do German Shepherds lose their baby teeth?

Their adult teeth will begin to erupt nine to ten weeks after their baby teeth have grown in.

Your German Shepherd puppies should be 12 weeks old (3 months) at this time, with a total of 28 puppy teeth and 32 adult teeth still to erupt.

The puppy milk teeth begin to fall out as they get ready for the adult teeth to erupt. Thus, the teething process will start for German Shepherd puppies at 12 weeks of age, and their 32 adult teeth will replace their 32 milk teeth.


How To Help Your Teething German Shepherd Puppy?

Chamomile is a herbal plant that may be able to help your puppy feel better. If your dog doesn’t like it, try offering him some chamomile tea with some broth added.

You may also give your puppy chew treats, which can serve as both food and a safe, high-quality toy. Additionally, these chewy snacks will aid in keeping your puppy from ruining your furniture!

Making ice cubes from chicken, beef, or vegetable broth is another method for soothing teething puppies. Aloe vera or fruit juice can also be frozen into ice cubes, which can then be used to massage your puppy’s gums.

There are also many teething gels for puppies on the market that can provide relief for your German Shepherd puppy, but be sure to pick one that is secure and natural. They might contain substances like peppermint, clove oils, and chamomile.

Another affordable and well-liked alternative is rawhide. It can occupy your puppy for hours while eliminating plaque from his teeth when it’s wet. Rawhide chewing will aid in your puppy’s jaw development as well.

When your puppy is chewing on rawhide, you should keep an eye on him because choking is a possibility. Read the labels carefully because some rawhides are not edible and can cause gastrointestinal problems in dogs who consume large quantities of them.



German Shepherd pups do not enjoy the teething process. Your puppies’ gums will become red, swollen, and irritated as a result, which hurts. Your puppies are currently experiencing the emergence of their baby teeth, and shortly thereafter, the emergence of their larger adult teeth.

Each puppy has a varied threshold for discomfort. Some dogs will chew more than others, so frozen treats and chew toys come in handy.

Your German Shepherd puppy needs to complete this dental growth stage. Their adult teeth, which they will have for the rest of their lives, will continue to erupt. Being available to your puppy will be really beneficial to him or her. Make sure to show them a lot of love, compassion, and endurance at this time.

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